How we do it

We have been forming a new stream into the world of television programs by producing tv programs, documentaries and soon dramas.



First sparks that alarms the hunt for a new project. From selecting the topic, to setting the budget and having the team on standby.


Creative Concept

Brainstorming, brainstorming… and well, more brainstorming. In this stage, our creative team gathers, generates as many ideas as it takes, and no one leaves the room until “the ONE” idea comes up.


Script Writing

Once the easiest parts are over, comes the core stage: scriptwriting. A lot of reading, researching, writing and editing until the content is carefully refined and ready to go into production.


Post production

Cutting, stitching, editing, and so much rendering to turn hours of footage into a few-minutes video. Not the most glamorous stage, but out of it comes the product at its finest.